iPhone XS Built-in Sanitising Case




A phone case with a built-in hand sanitiser, designed to keep your hands and phone clean on the go. Made from industrial-strength material, our cases are durable, weatherable and convenient to use. The soft-rubber feel has carefully been designed with you in mind.

Each phone case includes a 20ml in built sanitiser:

Material: Made of firm, durable plastic, (ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) ABS is structurally sturdy and has strong impact resistance.

Available for: iPhone XS.

M I D N I G H T    B L A C K

If classic and sleek fit your style, then our Midnight Black sanitising case is a sure fit. Boasting as our most iconic phone cover yet, this striking minimalistic look is a conventional classic. Designed to be practical this iPhone case has a smooth feel and offers all-round sanitisation protection whilst on the go.

S P A C E   B L U E

Space blue is one of our most popular cases. A serene and sophisticated feel, this unique sanitising case is for a calm and collective lifestyle. This exquisite built-in sanitiser case is on its way to becoming a timeless wardrobe essential, as it is strong, sturdy and stylish.

R A C I N G   G R E E N

Our racing green design suitable and refined for luxury and elegance, never ceases to induce originality. The perfect ornament for any occasion, offering premium protection and peace of mind for any event. Our rubber-oil coating is soft to touch and a matte finish.

 S A G E   G R E E N

Experience the soft sheen of our sage green case, lifting your spirit to the country hills. A perfect escape to nature offering the ideal day to night look. An irresistible staple for everyone.

P E A C H   S O R B E T

The peach sorbet is a bright and energising case is for our fun and upbeat trendsetters. Offering a stunningly confident look as it is bold, and vibrant in appearance with an ever so smooth feel and design. This peachy built-in sanitiser phone case offers a fabulous look for the everyday.

R O S E   G O L D

A rose-tinted gold gleam offers you timeless perfection, again and again. Offering premium protection on the go, this glistening smooth phone case is ready to spray away 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Act fast as this is one of our bestsellers.

C H A M P A G N E   G O L D

Make a toast with our champagne gold case. This charming case oozes class proposing sanitising protection throughout the day and glamorous evenings. Perfect for you and proven to be a truly opulent gift.

Product misuse: In no given event shall Armani Enterprises trading as NeWave Hygiene be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, damages, to property or life, arising out of misuse of its products.