About Us


Who are we

NeWave Hygiene is the new normal. We are a hybrid technology and hygiene brand introducing innovative sanitising solutions, which prove to be timeless and revolutionary beyond measure. 

What we do

We want to help give people a quick and simple alternative to personal hygiene by offering a product that can sanitise on the go. Our contemporary, heavy duty phone case come in a range of colours and perfectly blend practicality and style to suit everyday life.

Our Story

The idea of accessible hygiene originated from our founder Mac. Living in a busy city, sanitation is a must for everyday life, from work to travel, germs are everywhere. Since 2017 he crafted the design, conducted extensive research and applied state-of-the-art engineering, to produce a convenient phone case to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. A simple spray is the NeWave of Hygiene.


The mission for NeWave Hygiene is to stay wise and sanitise.

It’s our mission to provide an exclusive range of products interconnecting the world of hygiene and technology to our customers. We strive to create ground-breaking products with complimentary convenience. Since the global pandemic has struck, sanitiser has become a part of the everyday lifestyle, we choose NeWave Hygiene, what about you?

Did you know?

  • Our sanitising solution contains Hypochlorous Acid, the only non-toxic agent for humans and lethal for bacteria. It’s completely alcohol free!
  • Our formula is perfect for sensitive skin types and can be used on surfaces.
  • Safe for children and adults.
  • We are independently tested against internationally recognised BS EN standards, and produced in the UK.

The Essentials

  • Durable and impact resistant.
  • Built-in ABS for strength and heat resistance.
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Non-sticky formula and moisturising to skin.
  • Perfect for hands and surfaces.
  • Cruelty free.

Do you have more questions about our sanitiser? Click here for our FAQ page.


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